sunday inspiration - the christmas edition.

One of my life mottos is that its never too early to start thinking about Christmas (though even I was a little surprised to see a fully decorated tree at the entrance to Walmart a couple weeks ago).

-- 1 --

I love advent calendars - I think they're a great way to build up the anticipation of Christmas? And all the better when you can tie it into the real reason we celebrate. This version costs $299 at Pottery Barn, but it wouldn't be difficult to create the same thing for much less.

(Source: Pottery Barn)

-- 2 --

This is another great idea for an advent calendar, and a good reminder that Christmas decorations come in all kinds of colors. If I cared to sew, I would love to make one for my home - maybe I'll come up with a no-sew version.

(Source: Uncommon)

-- 3 --

I've seen a ton of different versions of subway art, but this Christmas one is great. I especially like the finish on it - its decoupaged onto wood, then distressed with a gel stain.

(Source: Saying It Sweet)

-- 4 --

These tinsel-filled ornaments are so simple, but can you imagine how great they would look on a tree with tons of Christmas lights?

-- 5 --

These Christmas canvases just might be one of my favorite ideas - because they're so simple, and yet would be so easily adapted to lots of other looks. The four-part black and white combo is really cool.

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