he is not silent.

For a couple of months now, I've been asking God for guidance, for specific instructions.

And so far, he has not answered.

This is a hard thing, to feel like God is silent, especially when you're seeking and longing so desperately for him to speak.

Until he reminded me, through the perfect song at the perfect time, that he has "been singing, always singing over me." Until I looked up from my own circumstances, and realized that all around me, he is speaking and moving and answering prayers.

Until I realized that just because he's not answering my question, that doesn't mean that he is silent.

When you're faithful and you trust God even when it seems like he's not there, you discover what I think is one of the most incredible truths in all of Scripture, and that is that God is powerfully present even when he seems to be apparently absent. You have to put your faith in God's identity and not his activity.

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  1. I linked on your blog from a comment you left on Lindsey's blog. Since I read a few posts, I decided I should at least say hello :) I also blog for myself and don't mind that I rarely get comments, but I'm always a little curious when my "site meter" tells me someone has read a few pages and I have no clue who they are or what they are thinking. So, I decided not to be that person and say hello, I stopped by :)

    I am a foster mom and got my first placements five months ago tomorrow. I hit the foster kid jackpot and the kids I have are AMAZING. Such a blessing, that's for sure :) That's awesome you are a CASA...as far as I know, the girls don't have one of those (at least not one they ever talk to!)

    Have a great day!


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