thanksgiving centerpiece.

This is the first year I've ever hosted Thanksgiving (normally, I'm the one traveling home, but this year, my parents came to visit me). I thought a little bit about a centerpiece in the days before the big turkey day, but I had so many other projects and things to do that I decided to just wait and see what I could come up with out of things that I already had on hand.

About two hours before everyone arrived, I made this:

The candles are a bit tall to stand up on their own, even tied together in a group, but the pine cones (collected from the yard) help to hold it up. My dad added some duct tape to the bottom of the candles to help keep them upright. By the end of the evening, the centerpiece looked liked this:

(Yes, by this time, the candle flames were getting close to the ribbon. But, as we spent the entire evening chatting around the table, it was never left unattended).

I also filled the long wooden box (I think I need a better name for it) with any candle that was either neutral or fall-colored, and left it on the sideboard.

It was simple, yes - but I love the way it turned out!

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