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The very first room I wanted to tackle in my new house was the bathroom. These are the photos from the inspection:

Notice the door laying there on the floor? This house was an estate sale, and the previous owners were handicapped, so nearly all the interior doors had been removed from their frames. Hanging the bathroom door (for the obvious privacy reasons) was one of my first priorities on moving day.

The bathroom also has a walk-in (handicap) shower. It was not installed neatly (lots of messy caulk) and the showerhead is broken, which makes taking a shower a little complicated. This bathroom has the only shower in the house (the upstairs bathroom has a bathtub only), so that's why this jumped to the top of the list.

There are a lot of other things I want to change in the room. The floor and half the walls are covered in a dated, pink-speckled tile, and the upper half of the walls and ceiling are masonite panels (which can be primed and painted, but there would still be seams between the panels). The medicine cabinet is in really rough shape, and the combination light/fan is ugly and very noisy.

Since changing all of this means essentially gutting the bathroom, I'm planning to do it all at once. I started calling around for estimates and gathering bathroom inspiration using Pinterest (I think I'm addicted). Here are some of my favorites:

[pinned via here]

[pinned via here]

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[pinned via here]

It will take some time to complete, especially as I'm planning to tackle part of the work myself. I'll share progress as we go along.

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