bathroom plans.

After saving a ton of bathroom inspiration photos on Pinterest, I started going through each image in detail, trying to decide what I liked about each one and which pieces would work in my bathroom. Here are the plans, at least to date.

Remove the handicap, walk-in shower with a traditional bathtub. Tile the shower surround with white subway tile, kind of like this:

Replace the floor tile. I love the look of hardwood in the bathroom, but I don't want to use actual hardwood or laminate in such a high-moisture area. It's a little more expensive than other options ($4 per square foot), but I did a lot of research to find the best deal, and I decided to cut back in a few other areas in order to still come in under budget. I wanted a dark floor (since there will be so much white elsewhere in the bathroom), but I also wanted something that looked a little warmer, not cold. I chose a pecan finish, similar to the image below:

Replace the wall tile and masonite panels with drywall, and add beadboard to the bottom part of the wall. I'm also planning to add a shelf along part of the wall, kind of like this:

[pinned via here]

The beadboard, trim, door, and ceiling will all get painted white, and I'm thinking the top half of the wall will be a light blue or blue-green (I haven't settled on the color yet).

I'm also replacing the medicine cabinet with a simple, wood-framed mirror, adding a much-needed wall outlet, and replacing both the lights and the fans. The ceiling light fixture is the Ottava pendant from Ikea, and I found the wall sconce at my local Restore (it just needs a quick coat of paint).

And after all of this is done, the linen closet will still need to be organized, plus I have lots of ideas for fun decorative items.

The floor tiles have been ordered, Saturday we'll be picking up the major supplies (wall tile, drywall, etc), and hopefully we can get this started in the next couple weeks!

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