there is a bathtub in my spare room.

Sunday, after a marathon shopping trip to both Lowe's and Home Depot, I bought the supplies for my upcoming bathroom renovation. Right now, there is a bathtub in the spare bedroom, drywall and beadboard panels in the shed, and tile in the living room. Along with a host of other supplies for the bathroom renovation, the dining room closet that I'm outfitting with shelves, and the desk I'm building.

And, honestly, it's not like my house was neat before I brought all of this stuff home. My living room bookcase is stuffed with books and random paperwork and paint supplies, the sideboard is still in the middle of the kitchen from painting it, and even though my dryer is now fixed, I'm still way behind on laundry (which means that a lot of it is just sitting all over the bedroom floor).

Sometimes I look at this mess and feel okay about it, because after all, it means progress. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a junkyard. I'm juggling too many projects at once, which means that I start to not want to deal with any of them.

Sometimes it seems to much easier to plan for things, to save ideas on Pinterest and create shopping list, and even to do the shopping, then to actually get the stuff done.

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