There are lots of exciting things happening around here lately.

My dad came over this weekend to show me how to change switches and receptacles. We finished three, and there are three more for me to do on my own. Then I will finally have eradicated all of the orange from my kitchen (see before pictures here) and can take new photos.

I've been working on building a desk, and it's almost done. It just needs a coat of polyurethane, probably a second coat on the top, and then I'll be ready to take pictures and show it off. It is beautiful and imperfect and I love it, because, hello, I made a desk.

I'm planning to transform a coat closet in my dining room into more of a built-in with tons of shelves and storage space. Most of the pieces are cut, but I'm trying to paint everything before installing it, so it's taking some time. Piece by piece, though, it's getting there!

But the most exciting thing is that Chris started work on the bathroom yesterday! He asked me when he arrived yesterday if I was ready for the mess. I said yes, because sometimes you just gotta make a mess to make something even more beautiful in the end. I can't wait to see it all come together! (You can check out before and inspiration pictures here and my plans here). And honestly, as much as I really do love the DIY thing, it's kind of fun to see progress (even the demo kind of progress) and not have to actually do it.

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