the fourth.

One of the tough things about moving is that it takes a while to find your people - the ones that are just easy to be with, the ones who have seen you through the last few years.

My move to Frederick has been wonderful in so many ways - I love my house and I love living near downtown. My job is going wonderfully, and working from home is a huge blessing. I think my relationship with my family, especially my sisters, is better than it's ever been. I've found a great church that I really like, and I'm starting to figure out where I plug in there.

But still, I miss my people. I miss having people, at least local ones.

I spent part of the Fourth on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach with several friends - some of whom still live me, and others who, like me, have moved away but are in town for a visit. I had such a good time, and at one point, I remember looking around and thinking (as cheesy as it sounds), these are my people. We're not all in the same place in life - married, single, young kids, grown kids, no kids - but these are the people I miss hanging out with.

Someday, I'll have people in Frederick, too. Until then, I'm so grateful for little breaks like these and the chance to reconnect with the people I love.

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