no spend july - week 2.

This experiment has been harder than I anticipated in some ways, easier in others. I don't really miss shopping and running errands (which, really, are often the same thing for me). I don't mind waiting a little while to make some purchases (like registering for kickball for the fall season). It isn't even that annoying to eat at home instead of out, as long as I plan ahead.

What does bother me is the grocery budget - feeling like I have to carefully plan out every purchase and avoid extras (like hummus or trail mix). And I really don't like second-guessing meeting a friend for lunch because it might blow the budget.

Spending Report:
This week, I spent $58.37, less than my weekly budget. Again, most was groceries ($50.12). The rest is for ice cream and Starbucks.

Lessons Learned:
  • If the last two weeks are any indication, a bare-bones monthly grocery budget for me is $200. This doesn't include the CSA half share I purchased several months ago. I've eaten from my pantry a bit, but a lot of this budget goes to fresh fruit.
  • It's not difficult to avoid eating out, if I plan ahead. This is key.
  • Errands (particularly the kind that involve going to several stores) are annoying.
  • I have more than enough projects to finish here that I don't need to go buy stuff for more
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