So I had an interesting conversation with my sister the other day, about a lot of things kind of irrelevant to what I'm about to say. But I bring it up because it got me thinking about friends, and good friends, and part of the reason that I'm thinking about this and writing about it now is because I'm sitting here in my friend Kate's living room in Delaware, and I'm just so glad that she is a part of my life.

There are a ton of things to do at home, and honestly, even up until a few minutes before we left, a part of me wanted to just stay home and check things off my to-do list. Not because I didn't want to see Kate, but it's just felt like a crazy week with a lot of things going on that are taking up all this mental energy, and the idea of a full day tomorrow to get rid of some of that stuff sounds really good.

But - here's what I'm thinking instead, after a two-hour drive with Bethany that was so full of good conversation that it felt about fifteen minutes long. Good friends, no matter how they come into your life, aren't something to take lightly. It doesn't matter if you've known them forever, or if it's been less than three years since you met. And it doesn't matter if they live next door and you see them all the time just during the normal course of life, or they live in tiny obscure little states and spending time with them requires you to be intentional. People who know you, really know you, aren't easy to come by, and they're one of life's most precious gifts.

So, yeah, I'm glad I'm sitting in a living room in Delaware.

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