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I think my friend Nick has the right idea for blog post titles - he doesn't. He just posts a short subject before each new topic. Of course, I say that, and now he starts titling his posts. I hate coming up with titles for mine. (Yes, I know - there's an easy answer to that. Don't.)

I really dislike being sick, and I think I can blame it on Jacob. I woke up in the middle of night last night because my throat hurt so bad, and I never wake up in the middle of the night. Now my nose is runny and I hate that yucky feeling, especially when you're not incapacitated enough to not go to work, but you'd still rather just sit at home, watch TV, and have someone make you chicken noodle soup and ginger ale. At least, that's what I'd rather do.

I heard a new song on the radio yesterday that I really liked, and I just downloaded it from iTunes. I started to post the lyrics here, in another post, but decided to create another blog for quotes and song lyrics. The song I'm talking about is called "Only Grace" by Matthew West.

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  1. I agree I have the right idea no titles just quick blurps about what the following paragraph is going to be about. The only problem is that I have switched to a Mac and the blogger browser doesn't have option for bold or larger font...go figure. So now I have to resort to using titles again. But that's good news for you because you can be the cool kid that doesn't use titles.



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