Today, my dad was telling me telling me about my cousin's husband, who has just gotten his CDL license. Isn't that a little redundant? If CDL stands for Commerical Driver's License, isn't saying "CDL license" like saying "commerical driver's license license?"

It reminds me of when my sister Katie used to complain about people who talked about "little bunny rabbits." She said, if bunnies are really little rabbits, then when you say "little bunny rabbit," aren't you really saying, "little little rabbit rabbit?"


  1. How about when people talk about Hot water heaters...if the water were hot you wouldn't need to heat it. Therefore it is a water heater not a hot water heater. And remember when you see a therefore you should always ask what's it there for.

  2. Yes - Josh mentioned this very thing! But apparently, it's so common that even plumbers say it all the time.


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