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I just finished watching a really stupid movie: Kissing A Fool. The worst part is, I own it, and it's not the first time I've seen it. But it's late, I'm bored and don't feel like going to bed, and my sister bought it for me really cheaply a long time ago.

Tonight I hosted a Pampered Chef party, which went really well. I made lots of fun food, and didn't have too many leftovers (thanks to Michelle and her family, which she likened to a garbage disposal). There were tons of people here, but somehow everyone fit. So, now I'm watching my next movie (Princess Diaries) and picking out what I want to order with all my free money from Pampered Chef.

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  1. Hi, Kristy,

    Did you know James Frey wrote the screenplay to Kissing a Fool? THE James Frey of Oprah notoriety. Well at least this movie was supposed to be fiction. Maybe he wasn't taking drugs when he wrote this movie and that's why it was so bad.


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