more birthday thoughts.

This is my third day being 30, and I have to tell you - 30 doesn't feel too much different than 29. I keep walking around telling myself that I'm 30, just in case it suddenly hits me differently.

The only different I'm sensing in myself is a resolution to actively pursue the things I dream of. If that sounds vague, its because I'm not really sure what it means. I'm hoping clarity will come later.

For now, a couple pictures:

From part one of the birthday celebrations, this is Heather, Heather and I dressed up for dinner on Tuesday night.

My favorite birthday gift - Bethany sent me flowers! The best part, was that she called to make sure I had received them. I didn't, but they came while she was on the phone.

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  1. Forget about the flowers - where did you get that dress (or shirt?)? It's AWESOME and I want one.

    Looking good at 30.


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