weekend recap.

I spent most of today at home, spray painting a few things in the backyard or cleaning up the kitchen or making jewelry or reading. After my busy weekend, it was good to just be quiet at home.

Dad, Katie, and Jacob came to visit, starting Thursday. We went to Busch Gardens on Friday, which was blast because (1) Jacob got to ride his first real roller coaster, and (2) Dad used an electric scooter, which meant we got to skip ahead in line at all the rides.

Saturday we met Robbie at the fire station so Jacob could see all the fire trucks (which he loved). He got a sticker and a fire hat (Dad got a hat, too), and just about freaked out the next day when he thought Katie left the sticker at my house.

My family left Sunday after church, and after a quick trip home to change, eat lunch, and take care of the dogs, I met Robbie and Jenni at their house to go back to Busch Gardens for the day. There are these great Christian groups playing every Sunday in May, so after a few rides and dinner, we saw Third Day in concert (absolutely amazing show).

So, hanging out at home today - felt great. Even if I did have to clean up my kitchen.

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