challenge (week three).

We're well into our third week of the Extreme Weight Loss Challenge, and I'm finally starting to see results on the scale. In fact, I've taken to weighing myself each morning, first thing after I get up. I've heard (I think Heather read some where?) that daily weigh-ins help you lose. For me, its a daily reminder of my goal, and its helping me to see more clearly the way that certain habits, behaviors, and times of day affect my weight, so I'm less stressed out by the changes.

Anyway, I'm down 4.5 pounds, which might not seem that remarkable, until I tell you that I lost 3 of those since Friday. My body had a little bit of catching up to do, I think.

I'm comfortable with my routine when it comes to work outs and food, but in less than a week, I go to my parents' house for a visit. Heather calls it the lion's den, at least in terms of eating healthy and being active. Luckily, I'm making two meals, and we're going out to eat once, so that will help.

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