what i like about working out.

In and of itself, I don't really like working out. Its hard work, and sometimes its hard mental work to force myself to get to the gym and finish strong. I don't particularly enjoy sweating and forcing myself to go beyond what I think I can do.

And, let's just be honest, when I work out, there is really nothing pretty going on there. Some people look kind of cute when they work out - I am not one of them.

But here's what I do like - the results are tangible and I can see the progress I'm making.

Dieting and using the scale as your guide - that's not always a fast process, and the results don't show up immediately. I can feel proud of myself for getting to the gym, for the discipline I'm showing in keeping my calories at a certain level, but that's less tangible for me.

One year ago, the first time I ever got on an elliptical machine, I could barely get through three minutes before I needed to get off. Four weeks ago, 15 minutes just about killed me. Today, I'm doing 30 minutes, and feeling like I could even go longer. I can bike faster, I can lift more.

I can't really explain to you how good that makes me feel.


  1. hey girlie- just wanted to let you know that we received your envelope yesterday with Elijah's card for Gavin! Gavin was so excited to get mail! He kept asking what Elijah drew. He decided that it was an elephant :)

    Thanks! love, iris.

  2. Hey old friend! I've been reading your blog for over a year, and am finally getting around to commenting. (Sorry!) But I wanted to encourage you with your weight loss and exercise endeavors. You're doing a GREAT thing! I never used to work out, either, but found Jazzercise is something that I LOVE to do. Everyone has to find what works for them.


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