a bit of randomness.

Just a few random updates on my life...

First, any photo in a post about food - its probably a safe bet that I stole the photo from the same place I got the recipe. I wish I was that talented, as either a stager or a photographer. I should probably start documenting those appropriately.

I just sold my car, tonight. Victor has been taking care of it for me for a portion of the price (which has been a fabulous help!) and called me today with an offer. I accepted it, then a few hours later I was holding the cash in my hand. So glad to have that taken care of.

I'm planning a community Easter egg hunt as a Bridge outreach for the day before Easter (so if you're local, come and bring kids with you!). Lots and lots of details involved, trying to find the best prices for everything we want to do. I'm trying to plan a duck race and having a hard time finding inexpensive ducks that will float upright, as odd as that sounds.

Katie and Jake (and maybe a few others) are coming for a visit in a couple weeks. He wants to ride the ferry and go to the zoo. I can't wait to hang out with that kid. And his mom, too, of course.

And here is a problem that has been running through my mind for a while, with no clear solution - I can't figure out how to organize my bead supplies, in a way that doesn't involve spending a ton of money I don't have and that actually makes it convenient to use them. I've been looking for inspiration online, without a lot of luck. I have a couple kinda-ideas floating around in my head that might work - just need to start trying them out.

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  1. I would love to hear more details about your Easter Egg hunt. Kudos to you for hosting this. I am sure it is a daunting task. I am in charge our our church's egg hunt this year, and I would love to give it a little twist of something fun. Please email me if you don't mind! stacy@mach500.net


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