why i'm celebrating lent.

I've had a few people ask me why I'm celebrating Lent.

Or, they just tell me that I'm not Catholic.

Yes, thank you, I knew that.

Regardless, I do actually have reasons for deciding to do this. (And for the record, its much harder than I thought, because I think about chocolate all the time. But that's just because I won't let myself have it.)

I like using seasons to set goals. I'm a goal-oriented person - this is what works for me. I like starting new things, and starting fresh, so I try to take advantage of those times to either add or subtract something from my life. Lent is just one example - I also do this at New Year's, and on my birthday, and at the start of fall (still feels like going back to school to me), and at the beginning of a new month or even a new week.

I also think its good to practice discipline. Discipline is essential in some things, a smart idea in others, and even exercising it on something relatively inconsequential is good practice.

And finally, although I'm a big fan of contemporary churches, I think there's still a lot to be said for old traditions. I want Easter to be more meaningful this year, to be something that I anticipate rather than just a one-morning-and-one-meal celebration. And every time I crave chocolate and remember why I'm not letting myself indulge, I'm pointed back to Christ and his work on the cross.

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