Ever have one of those really good days, where you fall into bed at night knowing that you really like your life? The kind you just want to bottle up, so you can pull it out on a day where life seems so much harder?

The temperature was 63 on Sunday, after several days of gray skies and nearly constant rain. I love the first day of warmer weather (and this was our second one this year). I opened the windows and let the dogs play outside, and even joined them for a while.

My day didn't actually start that great - I overslept and had to rush around in the morning. But then I was there for an incredible and powerful worship service and I got an amazing amount of stuff (fun stuff) done in the afternoon. I ate dinner on Nick and Heather's back deck at Nathan and Seth's birthday party (I love back decks but don't have one, so I live vicariously through them). And then I went with several friends to the Norva to see my friend's band Triomorrow play in his first concert.

I loved Sunday.

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