buying a car.

I love shopping. I do not like shopping for a car.

My car has bit the dust. Or, at least, its close enough that there's not much point in spending the money to fix it, seeing as that would be putting more money into it than its worth. So, I've been looking for a car.

Honestly? The whole process is just way out of my comfort zone. I don't like dealing with salesmen, feeling like I have to be constantly guarding my words and my expressions to make a good deal.

Last week Victor (my friend, and also, conveniently, my mechanic) and I drove around to a couple local big name dealerships, and found a couple options. And I spent most of last week trying to decide between a 2004 Xterra and a 2006 CRV (the CRV was more expensive, but also the better deal).

Then I decided both were more than I really wanted to spend, so I started looking more online at classified ads and Craigs List and such, and found a 2003 Escape at a small dealership that was a bit more in my price line. I looked at it, Victor looked at it, and now I'm still trying to make a decision.

I'm not an indecisive person, really, but this one has me paralyzed. I just keep thinking there's a better option, a better deal right around the corner.

Soon, though, I'm going to have to make a choice.

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  1. we're selling our's a beautiful shade of yellow...too bad you'd have to come to Russia to get it! :) -Iris


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