and there goes the shed.

I came home last night to a note on my door from the police department, telling me that someone had driven through my fence and into my shed.

I'm actually glad I wasn't home, mostly because if I had been, there's a good chance the dogs would have been outside. Instead, they were inside, and safe.

Half of the back fence has been completely obliterated, too, which means that I need to keep Dakota on a leash for the next few days. Harvey has an electric fence collar, so she doesn't need a leash, but until I know the shed is safe, I don't want either of them out there alone.

I'm leaving it alone until I can get an insurance adjustor out here to look at it.

I am so not looking forward to cleaning this up.

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  1. Holy crap! I hope that that guys insurance pays for everything! If not, SUE!! :-)


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