On self-sufficiency.

I'm a pretty independent, self-suffficient person. In many ways, I have to be. If the garage floods, I'm the one who calls the plumber. If the grass needs to be mowed, I either mow it or pay someone else to do it. If I want to eat dinner, I have to buy or make the food.

And, frankly, it isn't that there aren't areas that I would be glad to turn over to someone else. I don't enjoy dealing with car stuff, and I really dislike alomst anything to do with the outside of my house.

I realized recently, though, that's its possible to become so used to doing things on my own, that I don't let anyone else help me. This past week a coworker offered to help me drop off and pick up my car when I remarked off-handedly that I needed to get it inspected, and I was surprised. Of course, had someone asked me to do the same, I would have done it without hesitation, but somehow I seemed to believe that to ask someone to do it for me would be putting them out.

The danger in being so self-sufficient, in doing it all myself, is that I start to believe that I really can, and I start to forget that I desperately need Christ more. I also miss out of the community of believers, on the way God intended for the church to function, and on giving other people the chance to help me out.

Because the truth is, I do need other people. I need to know and remember that we don't walk through this journey of faith alone

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  1. well-said! i love your blog. you are so creative, and i really like the robert frost quote you did. it's tedious, isn't it? you are a crafty craftington, for sure! i wish i had been that way when i was single and a homeowner. i could've had a rockin' house like you! thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment!


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