quick takes, vol 2.

-- 1 --

Part of the reason that I decided to identify several goals for myself last year (and again this year), rather that set resolutions, was born out of desire to live intentionally. I found resolutions incredibly ineffective, but still wanted to make progress, not only in habits, but also in pursuing life experiences.

I stumbled across a new-to-me blog this past week, called Tiny Twig Goes Out On A Limb, and I really enjoyed reading through her posts. Her goal is to live a more passionate and adventurous life, by giving herself a mission to complete every week. Her choices are interesting, but what I enjoyed the most was her reflections at the end of the week. I'm getting ideas for things I'd like to add to my own bucket list.

-- 2 --

Since I completed the list of Recipes to Try on the sidebar, I've replaced the list with new ones.

-- 3 --

I've also updated my list of Projects To Try. In reality, the list in my head is much more dynamic - I'm always finding new ideas of things I want to try.

-- 4 --

This week I start CASA training, and though I'm not looking forward to the training schedule (30 hours in 2 weeks), I am looking forward to actually starting the work, and seeing how God stretches me as I move outside my comfort zone.

-- 5 --

The closet is done. Except for the curtain that I'll be making to keep everything out of sight. But as that will take some time, and as time will be in short supply for the next couple weeks, I'm calling it done (and crossing goal #8 off my list). I'll try to take after pictures soon, and finally post the part 2 update that contains the details of how we created the shelves. I will say this - pegboard makes me very happy.

-- 6 --

My sister Kelli and I are planning to go to Gabon in late August / early September, with the timing dependent somewhat on the hope that we can find inexpensive flights. Or, at least, less expensive flights. We're hoping that Kelli will be able to use her medical training, and that I'll be able to work at an orphanage there.

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