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Did you know that now you can sign up for email updates, so that every post is sent directly to your inbox?

I'm not vain enough to think that there are many people who want to read my random musings on life and faith and decorating, but I'm hoping that there are several of you who want to follow along with me while I'm in Africa. This is an easy way to do it. Then, after you read the email, you can come back here and leave a comment, or reply to me, so I know that you're out there. :-)

There are just a couple steps:
  1. Enter your email address in the box under "email updates" on right and click "Subscribe."
  2. A window will open asking you to enter a text code, just to make sure you're an actual person.
  3. Then, you'll receive a verification email in your inbox. Click the link in that email, and you're done.
And that's it!

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