update and prayer requests (#2).

It's been almost a month since I last wrote a post with prayer requests, and so much has happened in the last few weeks! Its hard to believe that in just two weeks I'll be moving to Frederick, and in just over a month I'll be flying to Gabon!

I've told a few friends lately that I feel like I have ADD because my mind is constantly spinning from one topic to the next. In the space of ten seconds I'm thinking about my strategy for packing, ny nephew's birthday gift, how much contact solution I need to take to Africa, and who is going to take care of my dogs. Moving to another state, then another continent for a few months, is a lot of work! I know it will all get done, one way or another, but boy, the next few weeks are going to be busy!

  • I found a home for Harvey while I'm gone! A good friend of my sister's is going to take her, which is a wonderful load off my shoulders.
  • I have almost a quarter of the amount I need raised! Here's the progress so far:

  • I accepted an offer on my car, which is one more thing I don't have to worry about!
Prayer requests
  • I'm still looking for someone to take care of Dakota for the next few months. This is probably my biggest prayer request and the thing most likely to stress me out. Please pray for a good home for her, and for me to trust that God has this in his hands, too.
  • As I said above, the next few weeks are going to be so busy, with packing and moving and selling things, and with saying goodbye to the friends I've made here. Please pray for energy and peace and motivation.

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