melted crayon art.

I told Jacob a few weeks after I bought my house that one day, we were going to get together and make art. It took longer than I planned to get it scheduled, mostly since my house felt so torn up between remodeling the bathroom and building the desk.

We talked a while ago about some of the things we wanted to try, and this was one that Jacob was really excited about:

Our version turned out a bit different, though I think if we had spent more time on it, we could have made the melted crayons fill up the canvas a bit more. But we're happy with the way it looks!

We even signed it, just like real artists:

The process for making this is pretty straightforward and really inexpensive. We just hot-glued crayons along the top of a piece of canvas, then used a hair dryer to melt them until they dripped down the way we wanted them to. I already had the canvas, so the only out-of-pocket cost was for the crayons ($4.99 for a 64-pack at Michaels).

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