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I've been thinking about office spaces lately, since I'm almost ready to move my work set-up from my dining room table in its more permanent place in the living room. The desk I built is done and just waiting to be moved into place, and then I'll take photos and write up a post just about that.

In the meantime, I've been collecting some ideas on Pinterest. These are some of my favorites.

One thing I know I want is a big inspiration board on the wall above the desk. I love the idea of using something unique, like a crib spring:

If I can't find something like that, there is a old corkboard in the basement (left by the previous homeowners) that's pretty beat up, but should work. I'm thinking of painting the cork or covering it in fabric, then adding a chunky frame. Something kind of like this:

[Source via Pinterest

I use a desktop computer and two monitors for work, plus the accompanying mouse and keyboard. I love the idea of using something like this to help hide the cords:

[Source: Pinterest

In addition to the monitors that will sit on top the desk, I'm also looking for something that can corral random papers (until they are properly dealt with or filed) and a few office supplies. Maybe a tray like one of these two:

There are lots of other ideas rattling around in my head, too - ways to store chargers and other cords, a designated place for laptops (due to work, I have several). In the meantime, though - I'm just looking forward to setting up the desk and getting my dining room table back.

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