the bathroom, the final reveal (for now).

So, wanna see pictures of the completed bathroom?

It's really hard to get good pictures in here. I don't know enough about cameras and photography to fix it, but in person it's really bright and white, and the blue on the upper half of the walls is a perfect aqua color.

I'm sure I'll keep tweaking things over time. I might build a new frame for the mirror, and I'd like to include more wall art and accessories. I need to add something to the window for privacy, either a window film or blinds of some kind, and I'd like some robe or towel hooks. If I can find a great deal, I'd love to replace the existing toilet and sink with something white (not an off-white/almond/biscuit color) and maybe even add a vanity cabinet. And the linen closet still needs to be finished - remove the contact paper from the shelves and paint them, paint the door, add everything back and organize it all.

At least for the moment though, I'm calling it done! At least once I get the window screen up.

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  1. Hi Kristy!

    Thanks for sharing this link with me! Your bathroom looks really great and I can't believe it - you're right! Yours has no seams! I think you must've put yours up better than us :) Ours definitely had seams before filling it. You did such an awesome job!


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