Last night, I finally replaced my Sony Clie, purchased open-box a year and a half ago. Other than normal wear-and-tear, the thing couldn't seem to hold a charge any longer, plus had an annoying habit of randomly shutting off every time I tried to sync it to my computer. So, after standing in several lines and getting a bit of a run-around, I got store credit and purchased the least-expensive model I could to replace it - a Palm Tungsten E.

I was all prepared to spend the majority of my day today setting it up. To my surprise, it was simple and without problems - charge the unit, install (upgrade) the Palm Desktop, sync, and there you go - without the hassle of installing all the software again.

All of that means that instead of spending my time working on the tool, I can use the tool to spend time working. Period.

Thanks, Palm.

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