No more crafting for Christmas

That's it. I've finally made the decision - no more crafting for Christmas.

I do this every year - get great ideas, and leave them until the last minute. And this year, I did it again.

I was going to paint a 9-drawer mini chest from Ikea for my sister, and fill it with small items for gifts. I bought all the small items, wrapped them, and bought all the supplies for the cabinet. I even assembled it. But by the night before Christmas Eve, I still hadn't painted it.

Two weeks before Christmas, I had even decided to go a different route, but I let my other sister convince me not to. Still, the day before Christmas found me shopping in Target, looking for other gifts. Which she loved, by the way.

So, I've made a decision. No more crafting for gifts! It just stresses me out when I don't get to it, and then I don't enjoy it anymore. I enjoy just shopping much more.

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