Blogging out of frustration

I first started blogging because I was reading a lot of personal finance blogs. I was spending a lot of time thinking about such topics and had few people in real life that I felt comfortable talking about such things with, so I figured I would post in cyberspace, believing really that no one would read what I wrote.

Then, I continued to use it as a sort of personal journal. Sometimes you just have something you need to say, you know? And really, typing has always been more of my thing than writing. But when people you know are actually reading what you write, it means you need to be wise in what you say.

Here's why I'm saying all of this. In a traditional journal right now, I would be venting frustration at a certain person in my life. Here, I'm still going to do that - I'm just going to veil my comments a bit.

If you're going to ask someone a question, you need to give them your attention for as long as it takes for them to answer, even if it takes longer than you expected. And looking at your computer and clicking your mouse while they're talking to you, even if you say you're listening and can repeat back what they're saying, does not count as giving someone your attention.

The funny thing is, most of you who know me will probably know who I'm talking about anyway.

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