Decision time

I've made a decision tonight - I'm going to get serious again about losing weight.

I could go into the whys of it, but frankly, I'm just not comfortable going into that much detail about my personal neuroses when there are people I know that will actually read this. Suffice it to say that I'm doing some thinking, and I'm fed up of the status quo. This moment is a moment of commitment. This is where things change.

Starting tomorrow, I'll begin again to track everything I eat, and will attempt once more (really) to start a new workout routine. (Here's a side note - why in the world do I decide to start these things during probably the busiest week I've had in months?)

So, Jillian, if you're reading this - still interested in a work-out partner at the fitness center on base? And sorry, I'll be cutting back my participation in the Starbucks runs. I'll take out my frustrations with certain major-software-vendors-that-are-to-remain-nameless on the recumbent bike instead.


  1. Hey Kristy, good luck with getting back into the workout regime. I know how hard the whole eating right working out thing can be. I haven't been able to work out in over a week, due to everyone in the house being sick at one time or the other. Well, I miss you girls, a lot! and I know I am not very good at keeping in touch. I will try to do better in the future. I look forward to reading your blogs!
    Lauran :-)

  2. hey friend. its been a while since we've talked. give me a call sometime.

  3. Hey Kristy, finally read this (though you already told me you were getting serious). I'm more than happy to be your workout buddy - especially after the swimsuit shopping terrors I've been experiencing. Go GirlTeamDMS!

    Oh and slap me the next time I walk into the kitchen and look at that darn cake.


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