I wonder sometimes how much this blog is really a reflection of who I am. It occurs to me that if someone who didn't know me at all were to stumble across these pages, and read the random things I post, they would still miss out on a lot of stuff. I wonder why that is.

Take today, for example. Last night and today (following a great conversation with my friend Kate) I've been thinking a lot about hope. Specifically, I've been thinking about how scary it can be when you begin to hope for something that you had previously shoved back to the realm of impossibility, because it's terrifying to consider that sometimes we hope for things that never come to pass. This morning, as I was driving to work, I thought about writing about these things, though really they're so elemental in my head right now, that I don't know what I would say. (They also resolve around a very specific circumstance, which I definitely am not ready to share.)

In addition to this, I've been thinking about how I really want to go over to the vending machine next door and buy a Coke, but I know I shouldn't, because nothing will bust the lose-weight thing faster for me. (Side note - I worked out yesterday. Yea!)

So, I started this post, and actually couldn't decide what to write about - hope or the Coke. How messed up is that?

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