Just pay the stupid ticket

Yesterday, I went to traffic court, because I got a ticket a few weeks ago for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and the police officer recommended I go to court. I pled guilty with explanation on the ticket (how can I plead not guilty, when I clearly was?), hoping the judge would be lenient given the chronic headaches and late hour of the ticket (I was on my way home from Mom & Dad's house).

Here's the problem - I was never given a chance to provide an explanation. Instead, the judge asked me my name, if I was pleading guilty, about my driving record, then prounced me guilty and gave me fine.

The amount of the original ticket was $80, the new fine was $74.50, plus $25.50 in court costs. So, $20 extra dollars and total waste of my time to go to the courthouse.

Now, what, I ask you, is the point of "guilty with explanation" if you don't get a chance to give an explanation?


  1. Most of the time if the ticket involved also getting 'points' on your record they will drop the points and just hit you up for the full fine. If the original ticket didn't include points, then you are probably better off just paying the ticket.

  2. sounds like maybe the cop knew you'd have to pay the fine... as in extra cash. That stinks! (BTW~ I am an old college buddy of nick C~ and hopped over here, so Hi!)


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