On Monday, several tornados touched down in Virginia, one of them in nearby Suffolk (you can read the latest news here).

I didn't even know there was a tornado watch until I went to run errands that evening and heard something about it on the radio. Tuesday night Nick, Heather, their sons, and I drove to the high school serving as a shelter to drop off some kids' craft supplies we had left over from various church activities. Nick had stopped by earlier in the day to see what kind of help we (individually and as a church) can provide.

From what Nick relayed, it seems that there is actually quite a large outpouring of support following a natural disaster like this. Its later on, after the first week or so, that supports dwindles. Hopefully, we can find a way to continue to help in the weeks to come.

I'd never seen the devastation from a tornado before (and actually didn't really go see the areas hardest hit). Its odd, though - there would be a stand of trees bent or absolutely flattened, and right next to it a section that were left alone.

The weirdest thing, though - on the way there, we were stopped in traffic for a little while. And laying in the median beside Nick's car was a random piece of a house.

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