2009 recipe review.

This is a comprehensive list of all the recipes I've tried this year, as part of goal #13. Some were good, some were amazing, and some were utter failures.

When possible, I've linked to both the recipe and my review.
  1. Soft vegetable tacos (recipe) (review)
  2. Mexican chicken tortilla soup (recipe & review)
  3. Chicken pot pie (recipe) (review)
  4. Creamy chicken rice soup (recipe)
  5. Feta and spinach dip (recipe) (review)
  6. White chicken chili (recipe) (review)
  7. Crockpot pot roast (recipe) (review)
  8. Creamy broccoli casserole (recipe) (review)
  9. Macaroni and cheese (recipe) (review)
  10. Ham and potato chowder (recipe) (review)
  11. Mexican chicken casserole (recipe) (review)
  12. Curried couscous w/ broccoli and feta (recipe)
  13. Hummus (recipe)
  14. Blueberry yogurt muffins
  15. Parmesan roasted cauliflower
  16. Paradise dessert pizza (recipe)
  17. Crockpot corn chowder (recipe)
  18. Shredded beef tostadas (recipe)
  19. Chicken and orzo supper (review)
  20. Strawberry sauce (recipe) (review)
  21. Chicken & noodles paprika (review)
  22. Baked creamy chicken taquitos (recipe) (review)
  23. Golden baked pork cutlets (recipe) (review)
  24. Florentine lasagna roll-ups (recipe) (review)
  25. Cheesy zucchini bake (recipe) (review)
  26. Mini cherry cheesecake tarts (recipe) (review)
  27. Grandma's vegetable soup (recipe & review)
  28. Caramel toffee fruit dip (recipe)
  29. Farfalle with zucchini (recipe)
  30. Pumpkin bread (recipe)
  31. Grill-roasted corn salsa (recipe)
  32. Potato-cheese chowder
  33. Crockpot chicken fajitas (recipe)
  34. Tropical coconut cheeseball (recipe)
  35. Apple cake (recipe)
  36. Pumpkin bread (#2)
  37. Taco seasoning
  38. Southwestern pizza con queso (review)
  39. Apple burritos (review)
  40. Slow cooker provencal chicken and beans (recipe)
  41. Southwestern beef wraps (recipe)
  42. Crockpot broccoli casserole (recipe)
  43. Herbed potatoes (recipe)
  44. Chicken cordon bleu (recipe)
  45. Blueberry tart (recipe) (review)
  46. Chicken alouette (recipe) (review)
  47. Slow cooker enchilada casserole (recipe) (review)
  48. Sugared cranberries (recipe) (review)
  49. Hot Caramel Apple Cider (recipe) (review)
  50. Stuffed pizza rolls (recipe)
Bonus: Homemade cinnamon rolls (recipe)

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