frames for the dining room.

Two of the things I wanted to finish this weekend were the frames for the dining room.

I've had these two prints up for ever - one I bought on Arbat in Moscow in February 2009 (I made a simple frame for it here), and the other is a view of Baker Park from well-known (at least in Frederick) artist Harry Richardson. I purchased the latter while at the Maryland Christmas Show with my mom, sisters, and nephew last November.

With Victor's guidance, I picked up select pine 1x2s at Home Depot - its a lot smoother than rough pine, but provides a smoother finish when staining than oak. After cutting each piece to size, I attached them using the nail gun I bought with birthday money.

I stained them (not perfectly, but not bad for my first time) and after giving them plenty of time to try, added the art and put them into place tonight.

I'm adding this to I Made It Without My Hubby party at Shanty2Chic:

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