project inspiration (vol 1).

Just a few of the projects I've seen lately that are inspiring me:

DIY garden chandelier from Ecologue - I'm trying to convince my sister to let me create something like this for her outdoor reception in August - I think it would look amazing hanging above the railing on her deck.

Old window turned display frame from 71 toes - I already have a thing for making stuff from old window frames (exhibit a, b, and c), and I'd definitely like to do this with a huge window I have in the garage. Choosing photos will be the hard part.

Front door quote from Apartment Therapy - I've been thinking of quote ideas for my front door, whenever I figure out what I'm actually going to do with it. Love this one!

Hidden cabinet inspiration board from Young House Love - I'm definitely doing this, as I think I already have all the pieces I would need at home!

Greenhouse window from Martha Stewart - One of the few things I regret about renovating my kitchen 4 years ago is that I didn't plan for a deeper window sill (and the gooseneck faucet that I love makes adding one impossible). Something like this might would be a great way to add space for growing herbs in the window.

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  1. I love the cork boards inside the cabinets too- genius! I am definitely doing that once we get our house!


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