My sister, Kelli, bought a puppy today. His name is Barclay (we think - she still might change it), and he is a mix between a wire-hair fox terrier and toy poodle. At this point, Katie (my other sister) says, "Does that mean he's a terdoodle?"

Anyway, he's adorable, and so cute. I'll post photos as soon as Dad gets around to pulling them off his camera and onto his computer.

We tried to introduce him to Dakota, but it didn't go so well. Dakota has only been around large dogs, but is very timid and submissive. I wasn't sure how she would react to a smaller dog, and though Barclay was excited to meet her, she didn't share his excitement. As a matter of fact, she was terrified, and continually ran away from him and huddled under my legs. She whined and cried some, and even started baring her teeth, I think in fear.

So, I guess we'll continue to try to get them together for small periods of time over the next few weeks and see how that goes. But, the idea of adopting another dog is out for me, at least for now.

And after watching Kelli for the last several hours, and being reminded again of just how much work a puppy can be, I'm finding I'm actually relieved about that.

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