I hate being sick, I really do.

I realize no one really likes it, of course, but when your head is pounding and you're worried about even taking pills for it because you might not keep them down, it's hard to think of anyone else but yourself.

After church yesterday morning, I felt a bit off, and just wanted to go be at home. But, things were better at home, and I even made dinner (it was good, too, although at the moment the thought of it makes me sick). Then, just as I was heading over to my parents to watch several episodes of the upcoming Stargate Atlantis season (Dad's friend has copies, since it already aired in Canada), my stomach started to really hurt. Sure enough, I spent the night on my parents' couch last night.

It's funny how I often I end up here when I'm sick. On one hand, it's nice having someone to take care of me. On the other, I feel bad that Mom gets stuck with the job, and try as I might to not be a burden, it's just hard not to. Add to that, the fact that I really don't want to get anyone else sick. I've been washing my hands like crazy, and cleaning up after myself as much as possible.

Luckily, today is one of Mom's days off from watching Jacob, so I don't have to worry about him being here.

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