My poor puppy

So, Dakota is sick. Actually, she's recovering now, but she was throwing up. Her stomach was making so many noises the other night, it actually kept me up (and that's after I figured out where it was coming from - I thought it was the dishwasher downstairs). I called the vet, who thinks she probably had some kind of stomach virus (funny, I had one of those, too). Anyway, he instructed me to give her bland food (boiled chicken or handburger with cooked white rice) and, if I want, a Pepcid AC two times a day. We're skipping the medicine, for now, because she seems to be doing a lot better.

But, for the last two days, I've made my dog dinner. What makes this even funnier is that for the last two evenings, I've had take-out - fast food on my way to praise team practice Thursday night, and pizza last night with Mom & Dad. I haven't even cooked for myself, but I've cooked for my dog. I feel like one of those crazy dog owners, who changes her voice mail message to be the dog saying the owner is away.

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