Neat decorating idea

I love Pottery Barn - not their products so much, as they're too pricey for me, but their catalogs, because they're filled with tons of great decorating ideas. I saw this one in the latest catalog, and I love it:

I would seriously consider doing this in my dining room (though it's already decorated, so really I don't need to), but I don't have that many cookbooks that are worth displaying. I keep thinking, though, of all of those inexpensive cookbooks I usually see in the front bins at A.C. Moore.

Regardless, it's an idea to file away for later. This page from the catalog is definitely going in my decorating idea files.


  1. Wow - it's good to know that I'm not alone. I too am enamored of the Pottery Barn catalog. I actually do as far as to clip my favorite room layouts and keep them in a decorating journal (for that one day when I actually have the time/money/inclination to follow through...).

  2. I get most of my decorating ideas from the Radio Shack catalog -- you should check it out!

  3. Jillian, I do the same. As a matter of fact, there are so many that they are organized by room. :-)

    Galen, I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking decorating advice from you. :-)

  4. Ok this is very good to know Kristy because I recently ran out of room for my cookbooks in my little cabinet space. SO...I stacked them side by side on my kitchen table with bookends on either side. Actually it is great because I can access them easily and it inspires me to keep the table free from other junk.


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