my new love.

Okay, its not really love. But its a lot of like.

Its somewhat surprising, given the amount of craft and home stuff I do, that I've never actually used spray paint, but yesterday I did for the first time. Now I'm hooked. I can't believe how much faster the process is, especially with things with a lot of detail. And I think I'm hooked.

Its probably kind of hard to see without enlarging the photo, but on the left are the pieces to the front door's mail slot. The last time he was here, Dad helped me replace the locks with a silver knobs, and it was bugging me that the brass mail slot didn't match. Since a new one can cost over $35 at Home Depot, I decided to paint it myself.

The thing (I have no idea what to call it) on the right is for a current project - I'll explain and post pictures when its done.

Oh, and this guy is coming to visit me on Thursday (with my sister and my dad).

I can hardly wait.

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