my life is like white water rapids.

A few months ago, at a women's small group, my friend Heather asked us to come ready to share a metaphor we would use to describe our life:

I feel like I'm barely treading water.
My life is a 3-ring circus.
Life is a roller coaster and I'm just along for the ride.

At the time, I said my life felt like a trip on white water rapids. It was fairly calm at the time, but the crazy stuff was just around the corner - and it was a good kind of crazy, the fun and adventurous kind, the kind you actually sign up for.

Lately life feels more like swimming in a current - if I don't pay attention, I can look up and realize that I've drifted off the course I want to be on. Its not anything in particular - just the general busy-ness of life. Its so easy, isn't it, to get caught up with the flow?

Heather challenged us, as she was challenged, to be intentional about changing our metaphors. Instead of treading water, thinking of Peter walking on the water to Jesus.

I'm curious - what are your metaphors for life? And, if they're negative, how can you change them?

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