reorganizing the bathroom cabinet.

This is just one more project in my continuing quest to get rid of the things I don't need, organize what's left, and hopefully in doing so, create space for the other things God wants to do in my home and life.

My friend Heather asked me if I could watch her boys one evening this week while she and her husband ran a few important errands. I was happy to - I was just planning on being home, working on house stuff, and I always love hanging out with their boys.  So while the boys played for a while with their brand new toys and with my dogs, I looked around to see what kind of straightening I could do in bits and pieces. I decided to sort through some of the stuff in my bathroom cabinet, particularly getting rid of expired medicine, both mine and the dogs.

Once I got going, I kept at it, until I had tossed the stuff I didn't want, laid everything else on the counter around the sink, and pulled off the old contact paper and shelf liner. I was going to start loading everything back in, until I remembered that I had always thought it would be fun to paint the inside of the cabinet (and it would clean it up a bit, too, as the white was looking pretty dingy). I figured it wouldn't take long to paint and it wouldn't hurt to leave the stuff sit out on the sink overnight, so after Heather and Nick picked up the boys, I spent a quick 15 minutes painting the inside of the cabinet.

(the before - see, grungy, right?)

Its not a perfect paint job, but its definitely good enough for the inside of a cabinet! I loaded everything back after giving it a full day to dry. I got rid of a lot of things that I don't need, and was also able to move some extra supplies in here from the hallway closet, where they'll be more visible and more likely to get used. This will also help when I re-organize that closet a bit - its a little more full than I'd like.

All told, I spent maybe 30 minutes on this project, over three different times (sorting/unloading, paint, and putting everything back). Sometimes I wonder why I make things so much harder than I need to? Planning is all well and good, but there's a lot to be said for just getting it done, too.

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