on a mission.

Yesterday I talked about witnessing poverty while in Africa. I hoped that the lessons from that time will stick with me, will be things that are truly life-changing.

One large piece of processing this, is taking a hard look at the things I have and the things that I really need. I'm currently working my way through my closet and dressers, pulling out all of the excess. I've filled two bags already, and I'm not done yet.

Next, I'll be looking at the gift closet, craft supplies (including the myriad of jewelry stuff I haven't touched in nearly a year), and the kitchen.

I'm also thinking about ways to better use this house of mine, particularly the office/guest room and the back room behind my bedroom. Except for the handful of times a year that I have guests stay from out of town, these rooms are mostly used for storage. And it seems like an awful lot of storage space for one person.

The other thing I'm thinking about doing is getting rid of my TV. Its old - my parents bought it for me when I first graduated from college 10 years ago. I got rid of cable a couple of months ago and only watch TV online now, and it seems like an awful waste of space.

If you don't have a TV, especially if you've gotten rid of it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - any regrets?

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  1. Great post! Getting rid of clutter frees up to live a more of a purposeful, simple life. Thank you for setting goals for all of us.


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