homemade christmas.

Normally, by the end of October, I've finished writing my Christmas gift list and have purchased at least a third of the things on it. This year, I'm way behind - I've only finished one gift (mostly), and there are still several holes left on the list. And to make things worse - this year I've decided to make all my own Christmas gifts.

My main problem is the guys - its hard to find gifts for men and boys that they'll actually use.

In the meantime, here are a few great homemade gift ideas (that I'm not using):

Transform an inexpensive thrift store frame with spray paint and textured fabric, or make a beachy frame with scraps of wood:

Create a unique collage out of a thrift store cubby organizer or a wooden utensil divider:

Create a fabric-covered notebook or make a journal out of old board books:

Frame travel mementos or a map that has personal significance:


Fill a pop-top can or homemade gift box with small items:

Back to my dilemma - anyone have any gift ideas for men and boys for me?

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