sunday inspiration.

This week's inspiration post will be a mish-mash of the deeper, the practical, and the crafty. Because that's just where I am right now.

-- 1 --

When you've seen poverty, or suffering, or need, what next?

"I am terrified that now I have seen — I am responsible, and my response is pitiful. What in the world does it take to be radical? Give me that aisle!

I had written in my thank you card to Shaun on the way back to the airport, on our way back to our plush lives, 'I pray I fight the middle to my last breath.' "

-- 2 --

Amy and Brian from A Little Busy took a little-used corner in their hallway and turned it into a mini library with built-in bookshelves. I love the way they made this into usable space.

(Source: A Little Busy)

-- 3 --

Have you seen this? Wall art made from canvases, spray paint, and a doormat. I've seen the idea before, but I think this might be my favorite version.

(Source: Sprik Space)

-- 4 --
I think if I were buying my house again, and hadn't yet refinished the floors, I just might paint them all, especially in fun patterns like this:
(Source: Grams)
-- 5 --
I love these mirror frames made from old pallets. I especially like the layered look to the frames. I'm thinking about redoing this frame to use similar old, weathered and rustic wood.
(Source: Young House Love)

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my doormat wall art! I'm honored. :)


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