Tonight, I:
  • visited one of my CASA kids
  • (finally) dropped off the first round of  stuff-to-donate that have been sitting in my living room for a week
  • started packing for my trip to Frederick tomorrow
  • straightened my house so my dogsitter won't be shocked when she walks in the door 
  • finished a Christmas gift for my sister (that's one down and many more to go)
  • picked up the curriculum for the next Bridge Kids unit
  • dropped off my spare key to the dogsitter and some of the materials for this year's Operation Christmas Child event to one of this week's volunteers
  • and made this cake. 
(image source: Apple Cider Cake from Eat at Home)

Unfortunately, my cake didn't come out nearly this pretty. In fact, at first only about two-thirds of it even came out of the pan at all.

The plus side is, when its that much of a mess, you can try a piece and no one has to know. Unless you post that you tried a piece on your blog, and then everyone who reads it will know. But I don't care - because it tasted wonderful.

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